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Established as Co-Writers June 2017

Marit Edwards-Ronning

      Hello, dear reader! To start off, first, my name is pronounced "muh-REET" like "Marie" with a "t" at the end. Now that we've got that out of the way, if you're looking for me, there are a variety of places I could be found.

      One is at my desk, writing the next chapter in my book with a cup of hot, strong, black tea and dark chocolate within arm's reach.

      Another is outside, kneeling in the dirt, raising pigs, chickens, and vegetables or doing some other farming task, or traipsing off through the fields and woods with my Bible in hand, enjoying God's creation.

      Finally, you might find me giving a speech or engaging in a meaningful conversation, seeking to relay truth through my words.

      That's why I write in the first place. It is to show truth through stories, both real life and fictional, to people who I may never get the chance to talk to in person.

      I write to connect with others, grant joy, laughter, and lessons to my fellow man, and most of all, to bring glory to my Father in Heaven.

Kirsten Daniel

     Did you know that cards are the hardest thing for an author to write? That, and bios about ourselves run a close second.

  • Maybe it's because we writers have so many words and so many experiences and we want to do them all justice.

  • Maybe it's because we can't decide whether to talk about our passion for Broadway musicals, playing the violin, classic literature, or writing an odd conglomeration of poetry, creative nonfiction, plays, and medieval novels.

  • Maybe it's because we aren't sure if we should mention our BA in English or current pursuit of a graduate degree in Creative Writing and Literature.

  • Maybe we can't decide whether to focus on our amazing and supportive families or close-knit group of friends or our love of Christ and His purpose for all writing- to bring Him glory.


     Whatever the case, I'm clearly incapable of writing a concise bio.

Now that you know about us, we'd love to get to know you!

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