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That night turned her seemingly perfect life into a                   shattered past.

That day turned his peaceful existence into                  

    crippling guilt.        

Their unexpected meeting launches them on a path to healing and trust and the only One who can mend them.

~ Mended  


Even a perfect life can be shattered in an instant.

      That is the lesson Liliana learns when she is forced to flee the only home she knows after refusing the King. All she is left with is the scar on her cheek, a stark reminder of his cruelty. Just when she thinks she's left her trouble behind, a strange man kidnaps her and drags her to a secret rebel camp called Libertas. There, she works to discover her long-dead family's fate and locate her brother, who is rumored to still be alive. Even more, she realizes that maybe peace and trust are not completely out of reach.

        Second-in-command Ian Faulkner is riddled with guilt over his inability to protect his sister so many years ago. When Mia asks him to rescue the former ward of King Morgan, he acquiesces, hoping to make up for his past mistakes. What he doesn't bargain for is her distrust, her tenacity, or the lessons that she will teach him-- that living in the past will never fix the present, that beauty can come out of brokenness, and that maybe forgiveness isn't so far away. 

        Both must open their hearts to God and those around them to finally be made whole-- and be Mended.

"Mended is an artfully crafted novel full of intriguing plot, lovable characters, and beautifully woven themes. It took my recent brokenness and proved to me that even I could be mended."

-K. E. Stanton

"A beautiful heart-wrenching tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat."


"Mended has impacted me in more ways than I think I will ever know. Mended has certainly blessed me and helped shape me, and so it is not just a story to me- it is amazing truth. Through a beautiful story, you showed me how to trust God more and more even in circumstances I thought of as dismal- because He is the only One who can mend me.

The characters are so real for me- I have learned so much alongside them. And the cliché busting. All of it. Thank you so much for writing a romance that is realistic, godly, and characterized by true love, commitment, and patience. Thank you for weaving God's Word into the story without making it preachy. Thank you for writing this!"


"Mended is the kind of book that I would read a million times over because it's that good. It was so much fun, as I laughed over the awkwardness and just fun times the characters had, but also full of deep weightiness, and raw honesty that taught me that broken people can really be mended, by God's grace."

-Olivia G.

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